Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Urban Groove

Sleek, modern and funky. ‘Urban Contemporary’ is a style which is being used more and more often in new homes and renovations. The style combines stone-like tones, dramatic contrasts and clean defined lines to offer a sleek yet welcoming finish. 

I love that this style allows for a house to really be a home! Whilst the furnishings in this style are minimalistic, this style has plenty of room for personal items such as photos and trinkets, as long as careful consideration is given to their placement. The style also encourages a creative use of available space, using wall units, chunky ottomans and couches that incorporate storage to conceal everyday clutter, keeping your home looking tidy and spacious. 

Ultimate Tiles are currently displaying a large array of stone look products that range from budget smaller format tiles, right through to upmarket 800x800 tiles. We also have an amazing array of stone and glass/stone feature mosaics, with just about every colour, size and format catered for.

This is also an area of our range which has frequent new releases. Tiles mimicking natural stone and its drastic variation are becoming more and more popular. Several new releases within this area are indicative of a sway in trends from the traditional ‘brown and cream’ style of neutrals to naturalistic stone-like greys and soft whites, complimented by natural wood or natural looking wood laminates.

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